Gerald enjoys reading comic books a lot and has developed keen interest on drawing since young. He would spent hours on drawing portraiture and robotics and had assumed the pseudonym of falconite when he was 1987. Gerald submitted his comic strips to a local Chinese newspaper and a number of them were published in the late 80s.


In his years in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Gerald actively publicised Comic Appreciation to the students. He formed Comic Ensemble, a society to promote comic appreciation, and went further to host Comic Appreciation Week – a one week workshop where students get to meet and learn comic drawing from 12 famous local comic graphic artists.

Gerald graduated from NTU in 1999 with a Bachelor in Mechanical and Production Engineering and started his career in the semi-conductor sector. Through the years, his interest in graphic design spurred him to pick up skills like Web Design (HTML, XML), Photoshop, Illustrator and photography. In 2007, Gerald bought his first DSLR and that rekindled the passion on graphic and images.

While serving as the Corporate Research Manager in his day job, Gerald would commit the weekends to photography. He co-founded TangShooters, a group of photo enthusiasts, and had contributed photos to a local magazine. In 2008, Gerald took the leap of faith and headed into photography and graphic design full time. He worked extensively on architectural, event, food and product photography, and built his clientele. At the end of 2009, Gerald returned to work for a Statutory Board. He has kept photography service to a small group of people. The reason for his change was the passion to learn and experiment deeper into the craft of photography. By allowing photography trials on a leisure pace, Gerald hopes to improve on the technique and better creativity in the pictures.

Today, Gerald would join anyone to photo shoots and is happy to share and learn from anyone that will take time for the adventure. He welcomes your message, should you wish to arrange for a event. Please refer to his contact details.

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