Day 4: we left the big city for the rest of South NZ, our first stop was to pick some grocery from the supermarket, which was not necessary as there are grocery stalls all throughout the country.

Our first stop was to Dudley’s Cottage in Arrowtown, old gold mining town, where the children can try out prospecting through Gold Panning. You can pay $10 (at Dudley’s Hut) for quick lesson and both our kids strike gold. We had a an early lunch of delicious Egg Benedict and sandwiches before the scenic drive to Wanaka, through the scenic Queens Range Road.


Besides absorbing the beautiful scenery of the South NZ, we also visited the Puzzling House where the kids had so much fun goes through the puzzles, big and small. Thanks to summer daylights, we strolled the waterfront after a hearty dinner in a Korean Restaurant:


Updates (9 Dec 2019) – Adding some moments from captured on Handphone:

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