It was over 3 weeks since my last article, as I took opportunity of my children’s school break for a trip to New Zealand.  I am now loaded with images of beautiful New Zealand.

My first article, on return, will however, be on the Christchurch Cathedral, the icon to the city, if not for New Zealand country. I was amazed that it remained in ruin since the magnitude 6.3 quake that struck the city in February 2011. On quick checks, I was glad to learn that the Anglican Church has decided to restore the magnificent cathedral in her glory (in 2017) and anticipate the restoration to take a decade. The current sight was also a stark reminder (for me) on the 185 people that were killed in the unfortunate incident. What I am glad with, will be the closing of Container Mall, which was placed in used as many of the other buildings were also destroyed in the quake. This is a welcomed knowledge that the city is recovering fine and will progressively be better.

My honeymoon was here in 2002 and we did some time into searching for the familiar sights. Oh how we missed this city. Will pray for the city! I will leave the travel photos  for the next article. 


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