It was the start of the autumn rainy season that you were borned on the tiny Periwinkle in my patio. For the first few days that I saw you, you braved that fierce tropical storms, those late September downpours that lasted days. On the third day, I was so happy to still see you wriggle between branches, feeding yourself up.

I was forced to place you in a see-through container when birds visited the ripening jambu tree, right next to you. I feared that they might see you, I feared that they might eat you up. I carried out my promise to fetch you fresh leaves daily and was saddened  when you stopped eating and turned brown. You laid yourself to rest on the ground and I thought… all was gone.

I was never happier to be wrong, for when I next find you, you laid in a chrysalis of dark crimson. Shifting you between the shades, I did, so its neither too warm nor cold for you. I covered you in tissues so that you can remained dry. After two weeks, you greeted me on the morning of 29 October, and you were beautiful. Gently I took you out and took a few beautiful pictures to remember you by. I know once your wings had strengthened, you will fly to start your own family. I will keep those Periwinkles for your next visiting, for your children…

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