In the past weeks, I have paid more attention into observing the many wonderful birds that was found in the condominium estate that I am staying in. I have, by chance, spotted a Kingfisher and was waiting for it since. That was when I opened my eyes to the many residents that actually dwell or visited. There could be some that I had missed on my photo collection below, but I had saw them previously and they included Flame Back Woodpecker, Myna, Koei, Oriele, Pigeon, Blue-tail Bee Eater.

Well, the race is on to collect them all, calling residents in the area to join me. Do contact me if you wish to join me on some of the expeditions. I apologise if I have caused any alarm with gears – I am no paparazzi nor peeping-tom.

To see more of my works – you can catch more details at (to be updated onto dedicated site soon)

Update a couple more from this morning:

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